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Shopping Malls and Retail Areas

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Solar Gardens and Pathways Lighting

Our unique range of High Quality Easy-Fix Solar Gardens and pathways lightings is one-of-kind, with different models and different colors that suit all styles and requirements, you will find many options to suit all your gardens and outdoors areas installation-free and energy-free lighting needs.


Solar Charging Lockers

Go Premium, Generate more revenue, Elevate your brand and offer an amazing experience to your visitors!​

Our NEW state-of-the-art Solar Powered Charging Lockers are innovative solar powered designs that eliminate the need for an electrical power supply.​

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Solar Picnic Tables

A Picnic Table is a great place to hang out with friends while wirelessly charging your smart devices. The Solar Picnic Table is a smartly designed with USB connections, Wireless Charging Spots that allow people to charge their mobile devices. Your visitors can sit quietly, enjoy 4G INTERNET at lightning speed and at the same time charge their smart-phone, tablet or camera. 


Solar Powered Benches 

Our Smart Solar Benches are innovative solutions that only work with clean Solar Energy.

For a great place where your visitors can sit comfortably in your outdoor area, charge their devices with USB and Wireless connections, also provided with a super fast 4G internet and with different LED Lighting colors designed to give your area a gorgeous look at the night.

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