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Sustainable Growth Applications

Solarena Middle East Offers Engineering Consultations to save your daily Energy Consumption along with a big variety of Solar Off-Grid Lighting and Charging Solutions designed to provide Power in remote outdoor areas and to keep people in comfort and always connected with their loved ones to meet the everyday power needs of modern consumers.

Indoors or outdoors, private or public area, our products are designed to suit different applications to help your Project save energy, reduce cost, generate more revenue and offer a non-dispensable service to your guests, customers or employees.​..

Cost Management Applications

Save money on Electricity and unnecessary cabling infrastructure and servicing.

Solar Garden Lighting
Solar Powered Bench
pattern design-03.png

Revenue Generation Applications

Rent your Assets to your Sponsors

Solar Advertisement Bench
Solar Charging Lockers
Solar Charging Table

Brand Elevation Applications

Market and elevate your brand, Go Green and create more brand awareness.

Solar Bench
Solar Picnic Table
Solar Home Table

Customer Satisfaction Applications

Through Our Solar Water Heating Solutions, Offer them a 24/7 Hot water on demand, independent on Electricity and Electrical blackouts.

Through our Solar Charging Solutions, Keep them seated comfortably, relaxed, always connected with their Loved ones and let them keep on posting about your facilities.

Solar Pathways Lighting
Solar Picnic Table
Solar Powered Bench
Solar Charging Locker
Solar Home Table
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