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Solar Picnic Tables



A picnic table is a great place to meet people and where you can work or study comfortably. The Solar Picnic Table is a smartly designed with USB connections that allow people to charge their mobile devices.

Everyone can sit quietly, enjoy 4G INTERNET at lightning speed and at the same time charge their smart-phone, tablet or camera. It only works on clean solar energy; this energy is stored and is available 24/7.

The Picnic Table also has two wireless Qi chargers for wireless charging of smart-phones. Recent iPhone and Samsung smart-phones are being charged by putting them on the table alone!

Solar Tables UAE
Solar Tables UAE
Solar Tables UAE
Solar Table UAE


  • High Efficiency Solar Panels.

  • Mobile App Controlled.

  • Weather Resistant, works properly during rainy days.

  • 4 USB Chargers.

  • 2 Wireless Charging Spots.

  • 4G-WIFI Router for Internet.

  • Connection covering up to 20 meters area around the Bench.

  • Made of High Grade Steel or Aluminum.

  • White, Blue, Green or Red LED Night Lighting.

  • Available in all RAL Colors

  • Temperature Controlled Seat.

  • Can be equipped with 230V Sockets for charging electric bikes, scooters and mobility scooters.

  • Easy Installation.

  • Made in the Netherlands.


  • Beach boulevards.

  • Sports Venues and Playgrounds Areas.

  • Bus and train stations.

  • Meeting points.

  • Schools and universities campuses.

  • Squares and City Centers.

  • Bicycle and walking routes.


  • High Efficiency Solar Panels.

  • AGM Battery 12.6 V.

  • 80 V Power Output Voltage.

  • 150 W Output Power.

  • 5 V, 2 Amp USB Charging Voltage.

  • 5630SMD LED Lighting.

  • Full Battery charging time in strong Sunlight is 2 hours, 6 hours on a Cloudy Day.

  • Working hours 10 to 12 per day.

  • Working Temperature is - 30° C to 60° C.

Solar Table UAE
Picknickset zijaanzicht.draw.png
Water Proof
LED Lighting
All RAL Colors
Mobile App Controlled
Compliant, Tested and Certified
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