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A Solar Forced Circulation Water Heater, also called Active Solar Thermal system requires a pump to provide circulation of the fluid.

Usually needed when there is not enough space on the roof, where the Central Hot Water Tank is placed in the lower levels of the building. 

The Solar Forced Circulation system is widely used when there is a high demand of hot water in large buildings and facilities.

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  • Robotic Vertically Integrated Fully Automatic Production.

  • Strict testing of 100% of the units.

  • Durable Storage tanks for Humidity, UV & coastal areas resistance.

  • Stainless Steel with Epoxy resin coating or Glass Enameling inner tank protection.

  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation up to 100 mm Thickness.

  • Electric Heating backup element upon request.

  • Maximum Tank Operating Pressure 10 Bar

  • Double wall marine grade anodized Aluminum Profile
    Frame for increased durability and enhanced insulation.

  • High Density Rockwool insulation to ensure the minimum heat loss possible out of the Collectors.

  • Solar Tempered Glass with specialized crystals to minimize the reflection of the direct sun with a clear safety glass cover (low iron, mistlite, tempered), 3.2 mm thick.



  • Residential and Commercial Buildings.

  • Schools and Universities.

  • Hotels and Resorts.

  • Residential Compounds.

  • Sporting Clubs.

  • Hospitals and Clinics.

  • Factories and Industrial Buildings.

  • Food and Beverages Retail areas.

  • Stadiums and Sports Venues

  • Malls and Retail Outlets.




  • 3 Types of Tanks: No Coil, Single Coil and Double Coil Tank

  • Up to 7000 Liters Tank Capacities.

  • Vertical or Horizontal Array Flat Plate Collectors.

  • Vertical Φ8 tubes, spaced at 100mm intervals, and welded onto the 0.3mm aluminum sheets with ULTRASONIC
    technology (high frequency welding).

  • Keymark & SRCC Certified and ROHS & DIN Tested.

  • 80% Efficiency, Above 95% Absorptivity. 

  • System is composed of Tank, Solar Collectors, Mounting Structures, Circulation Pump, Controller and Expansion Vessel.

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Compliant, Tested and Certified
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