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EVODIA Solar Worktables



  Our Solar Workstation is the only commercial grade solar table in the U.S. as a vehicle for power and comfortable social gathering, the Solar Workstation provides users with access to clean off grid energy outdoors to power crucial amenities like device charging, Wi-Fi and lighting.

Facilities benefit from increased sustainability, safety and efficiency in outdoor spaces, enabling them to meet the demands of modernization and everyday power needs.

Solar Worktables UAE
Solar Worktables UAE


  • Custom commercially built design for enhanced comfort, usage and aesthetic appeal.

  • 24 hours of device charging, 100+ devices per day in all seasons.

  • ADA Compliant seating, seats four (4) comfortably along with two additional points for wheelchair access.

  • Wi-Fi & Automatic LED Lighting.

  • Supports four (4) Sockets and four (4) USB outlets.

  • Designed to withstand high winds, protect users from UV rays and provide shaded work-space.

  • Rain Detection safety system shuts off solar table power during heavy rain to protect users from device damage or shock and turns solar table back on when dry.

  • Custom Logo Wrap.

  • 10 Years Warranty.

  • Made in the USA.

  • Powerful and unique Marketing tool for your business and your areas.



  • Residential and Commercial Compounds.

  • Schools & Universities Campuses.

  • Corporate Campuses.

  • City Parks.

  • Business Districts.

  • Hotels & Resorts.

  • Modern Advertisements. 




  • 300 W Solar Panel & 2 x 210-315 AH Battery Storage.

  • Produces 10,712 Kwh Per year.

  • Fiberglass Canopy & Powder Coated Steel Structure.

  • Four (4) 11V AC Power Outlets and Four (4) USB Outlets.

  • Ultra-Efficient Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System.

  • Wi-Fi Repeater.

  • ADA Compliant, NEC 2014 Electrical Code Wired, BIFMA Standard Certified.

  • P.E. Certified for 120mph wind conditions and snow load.

  • High Quality UL Listed Commercial grade components.

Solar Worktable UAE
Solar Worktable UAE
Water Proof
LED Lighting
6 available colors
Compliant, Tested and Certified
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