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A photovoltaic (PV) system is composed of one or more solar panels combined with an inverter and other electrical and mechanical hardware that use energy from the Sun to generate electricity. PV systems can vary greatly in size from small rooftop or portable systems to massive utility-scale generation plants.

PV panels provide Free of charge, clean and green energy.

During electricity generation with PV panels there is no harmful greenhouse gas emissions thus solar PV is environmentally friendly.

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  • Solar panels do not require a lot of maintenance. Once they are installed, you only have to maintain them once per year, only regular cleaning is needed.

  • Solar PV Systems is a Constant and Consistent Power Source.

  • Whether the PV system is installed on the electricity grid, or whether it is off the grid in full, solar panels provide energy security and ensure  continuous comfort even in case of Electricity Blackouts.

  • Solar panels work quietly with silent operation. The energy simply comes from the sun and gets delivered to you.

  • A good quality solar panel should easily last a quarter of a century, if not more. In fact, lots of solar panels live longer than roofs, Solar PV systems are durable and ensure a continuous good performance even after a long time.



  • Villas and Residential Buildings.

  • Schools and Universities.

  • Hotels and Resorts.

  • Residential Compounds.

  • Sporting Clubs.

  • Hospitals and Clinics.

  • Factories and Industrial Buildings.

  • Food and Beverages Retail areas.

  • Stadiums and Sports Venues

  • Malls and Retail Outlets.



A Solar PV System design will be Depending on many factors…


  • Facility Type.

  • Monthly Electricity Consumption.

  • Monthly Electricity cost.

  • Available installation Space.

  • Geographical Location of the Facility.

  • Financial Capabilities.

  • Government regulations.

  • On-Grid or Off-Grid System.

Solarena Engineering offers customized solutions based on the factors above and following the desired outcomes of the facility owner.

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