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Smart Solar E-Table



With an innovative concept incorporating renewable energy technology, Our Smart Solar E- Tables provide a convenient and modern method of charging your electronic devices inside your home through artificial light.


Wireless Charging without any cables or plugs, just put your device on the glass and the mobile phone starts charging automatically.

New Wireless Charging Tables 10.jpg
New Wireless Charging Tables 11.jpg


  • Self-sufficient Smart table that generates Clean Energy for all your Electronic Devices.

  • Unique and practical design no cables neither plugs needed.

  • Dedicated Mobile App.

  • Comes with Micro USB and Lightning Adaptors.

  • Carbon steel structure with high quality polished surface treatment.

  • Bright Glass surface, black and silver colors with purple reflection.

  • Qi Crystal Charger.

  • Suitable for all indoors and outdoors areas.

  • Waterproof table.

  • Available also with lighting and Speakers options.

  • WiFi Option.

  • 5 years Warranty.

  • Made in France.


  • Hotels and Resorts.

  • Restaurants and Canteens.

  • Bars and Coffee shops.

  • Offices and Houses.

  • Meeting Rooms.

  • All Reception Areas.

  • Schools and Universities.

  • Banks.

  • Hospitals and Clinics.

  • Food and Beverages.

  • All Indoors Common Waiting areas.


  • Surface area = 600 mm x 490 mm x 450 mm Height.

  • Dimensions can be customized upon request.

  • 8 mm Laminated Glass Thickness.

  • Rectangular Carbon Steel Legs 25 mm x 15 mm.

New Wireless Charging Tables 2.jpg
New Wireless Charging Tables 15.jpg
Water Proof
LED Lighting
Mobile App Controlled
Compliant, Tested and Certified
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